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  • NHA-Constellation
    One of over 40 sites where interior work was performed
  • NHA-Constellation 2
    One of over 40 sites where interior work was performed
location Newark, NJ
type Energy Conservation Project, Affordable Housing
size In excess of 6,000 units across 40+ sites throughout Newark, NJ
requirements MBE, WBE, and Section 3 requirements satisfied

The NHA project was a large scale energy conservation initiative directed by the Newark Housing Authority and Constellation Energy. The project called for energy conservation measures to take place with regard to lighting, water, windows, outdoor air resets, boiler stack economizers, boiler decentralization and cogeneration. As such, energy efficient lighting, low flow consumption water closets, kitchen/bath aerators, and showerheads were installed in over 6,000 units. In excess of 50,000 light fixtures and 7,000 low flow toilets were installed over the course of the project. New boiler stack economizers and cogeneration equipment were also installed, in addition to large scale boiler upgrades. Additionally, the project consisted of the decentralization of a large steam plant serving 27 buildings which was converted to energy efficient gas fired Rinnai units (approximately 1,300 total). The project was a success from the outset, and will provide significant financial and operational savings for the City of Newark for many years to come.